Rhythm of Bangles

Bangles-magic jingles in heart
Bangles-magic jingles in heart

Yesterday I went for shopping in the evening. When I entered into a fancy store, my attention was attracted by a jingling sound. That  was the sound of bangles arranged on the table. I touched them, it made me to feel some precious moments of my childhood. During those days I was wondering about the bangles on my mother’s hands, and it was the first playing toys at that time.


My mother used to feed me by showing the jingling of her bangles and I still remember the fragrance of glass bangles and love of mother.



When I grow up , collecting bangles matching to my dress colour became as one of my passion.When you ask someone that what made you to feel asleep in childhood, be sure the list of answers will include sound of their mother’s bangles. There is some magical feeling tied up with them, you cannot feel it until wear it. So my dear gorgeous girls, have you felt that feel, not yet?…..Try it now…


One thought on “Rhythm of Bangles

  1. Very colourful pictures! 🙂 I have worn bangles, though I don’t wear them often, whenever I wear them, I feel alive! They definitely have a special thing! 🙂 raises your mood instantly! 🙂

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