Spread the Smile


When we walk  on the road, there will be at least few faces which shows you  a pleasant smile. We do not know the reason for their smile, yet there will be some vibrations on your heart. If you had  deep look on your heart, you can feel the changes happening inside yourself  by seeing a smile. It makes us to feel relax, refresh and enthusiastic. Shall we check that feel in you? …..ready …one..two…three….smile.


Look at this picture…can you feel that positive energy flows right from your head to toe. Still if you cannot smile….then I have to give you some more smile.


Do you know why we feel good when we spend our time with children…?It is only because of the cute smile on that little face. The scientific reason behind the smile is when you smile it stimulates your blood circulation which passes you fresh blood on veins and not only that,  in order to smile the amount of cells works on your body is less than when you are in anger. So only when you are upset, you feel tired, because it consumes the most of energy you had within your body.


Smile everyday and spread the smile…..who knows your smile may trigger happiness in someone’s day.Share the smile and some positive energy, you will earn lot than you give. When i wake up in the morning i will recite a statement which will makes me happy the whole day…..Do you want that too……stay in front of mirror and say……

Today I will never allow anyone to spoil the world’s most beautiful smile of me.



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