A Surprising Moment with Stranger

It was one Sunday , I felt something bad in my mind and thought to go out somewhere for fresh air. I did not choose any location in my mind, so I took daily ticket to travel for the whole day. Though my heart was feeling bad, my face had a smiley mask with a little smile. After the bus has passed a few stops, one young man got into the bus and stood nearby my seat. I just noticed him, once he got into the bus ,I planned to get down at the destination of bus,  So I started to listen songs in my phone.

Listening Songs on travel
Listening Songs on travel

When I involved in listening music, i will cherish each and every genre of music from lyrics to background music. My mood turned back to normal by tuning to a peppy song, I started to whisper the lyrics with an expression shown above.

Excuse Me? …It was from that guy who stood near me and he came right next to me after that moment and the conversation between us as follows.

“Yes! what do you want? ..  ”

“Mm….don’t mistake me..I want to tell you something….”

Little southern rural girlish thought imagined three stupid questions because of the cinema culture nurtured in every teenage girl’s mind.I am sure he gonna ask either one of these three questions as below,

Will you Marry me(???)

I love you (????)

Shall we be friends(???)

Unfortunately(?) he did not pick one of the above and his answer was very different from my imagination.

“Actually….could you please spend me few moments..I promise you …..I will not ask any personal information about you….”

I paused for a while …. and said “Yes tell me what do you wanna share…”

“Your smile pushed me right here..and it resembled my beloved one..”

“Mm..I knew that a smile can cure sad heart, it relaxes you away from pain, stress and you are also looking so dull…shall I show some funny pictures in my phone?”

“Yes Sure…”

We looked some funny pictures and bloopers in my phone, he really could not stop his laugh, because of his laugh some other passengers looked at us.

“Hey…Hey stop laughing everyone is looking at us”.. I said to him, when he looked at me there were some tears rolled on his cheek.

“Do you know one thing… I hadn’t laughed for the past six months…and now I got back my whole myself with trillion tons of energy.”

“Mm I am happy about making you feel good…OK enough …laughing…everyone here are staring at us…come on let us hear some music”

Then we listened  music together and he slept after few seconds, I reduced the volume by that time. After  some long moments  we reached the destination and I woke him up, and we got down in the bus depot. We were standing speechless  and both are searching for words to continue the talk.

“Okay shall I leave.. as you asked i have spent some moments with you..Anything else?

I spoke this in advance because if he asked the same question, I will be unable to reply the answer.

“Mm …well ..Thanks a lot….I didn’t expect that you will answer my request….Take Care…I miss You ..

I had nothing to say and I was looking at his eyes with a smile.He waved his hands as a sign of good bye and got on another bus. This moment was very surprising to me and I can’t forget that talk with that stranger. Whenever I got on bus, I cant stop my eyes searching for that stranger. Its a nice feel you get when making neighbors feel happy.


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