The Diary – Secret of Heart

The Diary - Hidden Feelings
The Diary – Hidden Feelings

The feelings which cannot be shared with our colleagues, family members, beloved ones will hire a place in our diary. It covers a mixture of feelings, which can be filled with green fields spreading the fragrance of  cute flowers or a hot desert which begs for survival. The reason why someone have the hobby or habit of writing a diary is different for different people. Some may want to register the incidents which happened in their routine life.

The precious moments which made the tears to roll down on cheeks or it may be the reason for blushed cheeks. It does not occupy only happy moments but also captures the bad part of life which maybe the betrayal or break up . Besides the content it has, it opens its heart to share everything you want to share with it.

My Diary
My Diary

When I was searching some course books of my undergraduate, from the locker of my mother’s room, got the diary of her. I was surprised the diary was almost 20 years old, it includes general expenses, household expenses and field expenses. There is  no use for such details now, by wondering the reason why she keep this much safe, I turned out the pages.

My diary
My diary

My eyes are widened by the page in diary because it contained scribblings of my childhood. I have drawn a uncompleted circle for almost ten pages. Then I have written alphabets in further pages. I was speechless and am on cloud nine. It is one of my sweetest moment in life where my scribblings looked like most beautiful painting in the world.

Our collections
Our collections

In the next pages , I preserved some feathers in that diary which remembered me the past. we had a farm, where my friends and I are used to collect these feathers . We exchange the most beautiful feathers collected by ourselves to show the love on our friends.

The childhood is the epic moment in every body’s life. could you remember the moments like what I have shared?…Not yet turn your diary right now…….


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