Waiting For You…

It was a busy Monday, I am moving from my hostel to the office and I was pretty on that day by wearing a white churidhar . I am a person who wears a smile as you know it already. I used to cross the road by fly over to reach my bus stop. While whispering the lyrics of a song which was played on the ear phone, I noticed a man who was standing in the fly over. He was alike a popular hero in a short film  whom I love a lot.

About the hero, he was known for gossips more besides his role in short films. He fell in love with some famous serial heroine artist and it was broke up by her within six months. He was the talk of the town for the past  weeks. I was scolding him for this stupid behavior but I like him very much. since the day I saw his films, I started to collect details about him. Initially he was a software engineer as a professional,later on he moved to short films as hobby.

Due to the likes posted by people by seeing his films uploaded in YouTube, he became a professional actor. This was the rapid thought reminded in my mind as I saw that person from the platform. I climbed up the stairs by having a wish to see his face. When I saw his face, I stunned, Yes it was him.  While he was crossing me, I saw his tears rolling on the cheeks and he had something on his hands to drink.

when we crossed each other, my instinct urged me to dash  his hands and the thing he had in his hands poured on my dress. My white dress turned into spoiled dress and I was afraid about what will he react for this happening.

He shouted me at “won’t you allow me to die peacefully”.

“Yes, you can die, I will not stop you..but please buy me my dress and then do anything”. He didn’t expect this answer and paused for a while, I used that pause.

“Hey it’s getting late I wanna reach office earlier…come on…”.

“Look , I am not having time to roam with You…get this money, leave me alone”. He replied with angry.

This triggered me, ” I am not the person who is waiting for roaming with you, choose some other person but  buy me dress and you can carry on your selection process”.

He started to laugh by forgetting his anger, “so you will not leave me without buying your dress..”.

“Yes I am”.

We went for Max shopping mall, and bought a dress which looks alike the spoiled one. Then he said,”If you really know  who  I am, you will not asked for dress”. I pretended that I know nothing about him and replied,” I don’t care even if you are film hero, I  will not ask for the signature, I’ll ask to buy dress”. He smiled at me, I felt thirsty and went to a juice shop. He followed me there and sat opposite to my chair.

“What? Don’t you have any other job other than following me…? I said in a voice which  can be heard only by ourselves.

“Hey, are you Ishwarya Rai to be followed by others.., look around there are no other free chairs except which is opposite to you, Don’t build castles in the air..stupid”.

I looked around me and confirmed that he was true .I can differentiate the voice and face of him in the moment I met him with now. It turned to be normal and he looked at me for few moments while I was drinking the juice. The boy in the juice shop said, “Is She your new lover?, hold her hands bro, otherwise she will  also run like your previous one”.

I replied the boy, “yes bro, like your father, he also believed that girl but all girls will not be like your mother to have a pure love… right, he is not responsible for that girl’s fake love”. The boy was ashamed of himself for his words and conveyed a sorry to us. We moved on from each other to their respective destination. I didn’t expect him to convey a thanks and he remained calm till I left that place.

After a week, again I saw him in front of my office, but this time with a smile. We talked with each other and walked for almost 3 km…….To be continued…..in the next post….





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