Waiting for you 2

For a change, I want to describe the story as a third person, I hope you would like it too. Last time, while I was narrating the incident without informing the names of us. Its me Priya and my hero is Ajay.

When Priya came out of the office, she saw him in the opposite juice shop. It seems that, he was waiting for our priya to the surprise, with a smile. On seeing her, he moved out of the shop and walked towards her.

“What! Are you having any shooting nearby…or have you selected this location as shooting spot?”.

“Nothing like that, I am having a friend here and I wanna see her, so I came and waiting here for just three hours”.

“Hey three hours!!!?…Are you saying seriuosly?.” Priya widened her eyes and he loved that expression.

He smiled, “Yes Mam, I came here at 4 pm”.

“why you came earlier?”. she asked in a curious voice.

“I thought that you will leave office by this time”.

“How you think like child, Am I studying in a school , it’s a office, I used to leave from here only at 7 pm”.

“Oh…I have done wrong in my  classification,,it’s okay”.

“What are you saying?..what classification you are doing with me, explain now…”.

“Mm…while you were selecting colors for your dress, you mentioned the name of colors in a different way like a village girl”.

“what…village girl huh?”.

“Dont look at me like this please, here we people mention that color as purple but you called it as light violet, So I meant that attitude as village girl”.

“Ok..Ok.. what is the relationship between classification and color?”.

“Hey as you are a village girl, I thought that, you would hesitate to work in the night and you will leave earlier…”, he reduced the voice slowly and waited for her reaction.

She smiled and said,” stupid always think  stupidly… its true about you….ok….Have you met your girl friend finally?”. This time she lowered her voice at the end of statement and expected his reaction.

“What!!!!?”, he replied with a shrink in his forehead. He was more awesome in that posture, by seeing him, she paused for a while.

“I meant that your friend who is a girl”, she murmured in a mischievous voice.

“Hey you are a dangerous girl, you know everything, but you hides it all with a smile and I wanna ask you one thing”.

Priya liked his smile , planned to make him laugh once more and started her drama.

“I know , what you gonna ask me”.

“Come on, let me verify have you read my mind or not”.

“Will you be my girl friend or wife or lover? ….otherwise could you please stop talking”.

“Silly girl, don’t you see your face in mirror, I don’t want to commit suicide again”.

“Have you tried for suicide? when?”, priya screamed.

“on the fly over, you dashed me unexpectedly right, bottle in my hand spitted its content on your white fairy dress…can you remember that”. Priya turned a flashback about that day, she did dashed him as planned act not as unexpected. She asked, “You had coke in your hand, Aren’t you ?”.

“Ya I had coke but mixed with poison, on that day, you gave me a new life and new opportunity”.

Priya got inspired by his answer. On that day, her instinct motivated to dash him. But that moment was not an accident, it was done for a purpose. She amazed about that fact, how destiny acts upon the life of everyone.

“Mm, okay, you were about to ask something right, I distracted the talk, tell me what do you wanna ask ?”.

“Hey Priya, please dont mistake me, I am not joking, its serious okay”.

“I forgot my credit card and not having enough cash too…Will you offer me a dinner?”.

Priya didn’t expect this question, she imagined a lot ,but she nodded her head as accepting his request. Both of them entered into a hotel and had dinner. There was a silence between them while eating and they had a smile when their faces met with each other.

After leaving the hotel, they had a walk and both of them were thinking about how to initiate the talk. This time Priya started the chat, ” Shall we hear music, I will forget everything in my life while listening to songs”.

“Mm okay..I love to hear songs with you”. By hearing songs together, they almost walked three kilometers and finally reached the Priya’s hostel. When Priya was about to enter the hostel, she turned back and looked at Ajay.

To be continued….




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