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Change– an alteration to something or to someone’s personality due to a positive or negative impact. A change in person’s characteristic is usually seen as a positive aspect. However, there are also times when a person changes because the world enforces them to become someone they are not.. A person who gives generously and never thinks of about harming anyone’s feelings; is the same person whose emotions are crushed every time! A person who always thinks about others & cares selflessly is the one most ignored & degraded by people. All these unwanted & heartbreaking situations changes the person and it stops them from being who they naturally are. The people of the harsh world forces them to kill their natural self and create a new self customized for the world and it’s people….


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10 thoughts on “Change?

      1. I dont know..ya…do you want me to complete the story in next post or shall I continue it for 2 more posts..I confused abt does anyone likes this series..?


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