The creative Blogger Award!!!


I am really excited because I have been nominated for the creative blogger award by confusedandcrazilycurious. About her writing, she expresses a different and factful thoughts in simple and flexible words. The poems reflects a different feel to her readers. I love the poem”lost and found” and her writing 101 exercise article “Memories you can reflect upon”. Have you read those?Not yet…visit them you will really like them a lot.

Appreciation and Recognition are the greatest gift to writers so come on let us gift it to our fellow bloggers.

The nominess are listed below not in any particular order.

1.Jerrod Anielle’s blog

2.Simply complicated




6.sivachandran raina

7.Rhys Jones

8.Michael’s blog






14.thoughts awakening





19.Takeshi’s flight

20.vonj productions

Hai nominess you have to kindly do the following steps

Step 1- Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify the nominees.

Step 2- Post the link of the blog that nominated you.

Step 3- Last but not the least, in your honour, share five random facts about your humble self.

Atlast the random facts…

1. I am crazy about reading novels both in English as well as Tamil.

2. I love writing lyrics in my tamil blog sinthanaipookal, unfortunately had no readers to give feedback on it.

3. I always try to have positive energy with me and would like to spread it with my friends.

4. I am afraid of dark as well as ghost movies, till now I hadn’t seen such movies.

5. I love to listen music and I can remember all the lyrics of my favourite songs till now.

All the best friends!!! keep going..


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