Real wealth == Money or Possessions????

Hi readers, I want to share some thoughts on the fact that Real wealth is never measured in money or possessions. Its true fact about the life. When I was staying with parents and granny in my little village, I thought that money will bring happiness to our family. As I was a student, had an imagination that earning a job for money will make me help my family from the debts we had and we will be happy forever.

After earning three months of working experience, I felt I was wrong about real wealth. I was very happy along with my family and now  I am here in a hostel leaving them alone. I was there with them to share their burdens, motivate them at downtime and at least for fight with them for silly and stupid things to prove that I have grown up.

Now we  share happiness or sadness through phones but it does not provide real happiness at all. It will not make me to feel a hug from my father with his smiling face. It will not equalize the warmth I get by lying on my mother’s lap. I am sure my parents and granny misses me a lot. I want to specify about my Granny, we fight often for silly reasons. But now I can feel her absence and sure she too feels alone without this chatterbox. I have understood that real wealth is Sharing and Caring with people whom we love the most.


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