Waiting for you 3

When I looked at Ajay, the smile in his face and his patience and curiosity attracted me a lot. I waved my hands as a sign to come towards me and when he reached, with a mischievous smile I said, “My friend wishes to get your number, what do you think? ”. The moment was the most special in his diary, he knows that she likes him but never admits it directly.

He said, “oh no problem, you can give it to her” with the same tone. “Don’t rush, She is having some conditions in case of exchanging numbers between us” paused for his reaction. Ajay realized her play,” Yes I agreed for any condition except to marry her”, lowered his voice at the end of statement, expecting a little fight.

On to the surprise, I nodded my head as a sign of acceptance. After exchanging the number, I moved towards my room without saying a good bye to him. He expected a bye with a cute smile or a little fight in words but I even didn’t turned at his side. He was satisfied about getting my number.

Ajay got a call for a shoot and moved to the spot, the shooting was extended to mid of the night as it was the last day. When he returned to the room by 2.00 am and decided to take bath which earns him a good sleep.

While taking bath, he recollected the moments with Priya in front of her hostel gate, ”She is diplomatic as well as childish, she likes me and wants to chat with me but asked my number indirectly, Oh baby I love you so much, when will you call me?, I am sure that I will make you to finish this little drama by yourself”.

When he pronounced the word call, it strikes something in his mind, ”Oh my god I didn’t check my mobile after leaving her into the hostel”. He ran to the room in the middle of bath wearing a wet towel to grab the phone.

He was shocked that he received more than 50 missed calls from a number and he was sure that it’s the number of his Angel. Ajay has the habit of turning his mobile silent during shooting which made him to miss all the calls. The inbox was filled by messages, he opened the new message received at that time. Can you guess what would be the message? yes of course, it is the same message as you thought, it is “ I hate You”.

He exit the message and called her, unfortunately the phone was switched off. He cannot believe his fate, it gave her number but now he was unable to speak. He was restless and cursed himself for not attending her calls. He imagined a lot about chatting with her and knowing more about her personal feelings. Everything was spoiled and now sleeping also spoiled.

When the sunlight was reflected on his face, he realized that the day has begun. He tried to make her a call, but still the phone was switched off. He rushed to the car and drove it to her hostel. When he reached the hostel, the time was 8 am and everyone has started from their hostel to office destination. He was praying to god that, she must not left the hostel. He didn’t know that priya wakes up by 8 am.

When I woke up, there was serious discussion in my room which spoiled my sleep a little bit. I asked, “what is going on, whom are you peeking from the window” . My roommate with her squeaky voice replied, “Its Ajay baby, he is smart and yesterday only I saw his film in your laptop, But why he is waiting in front of our hostel, that is the discussion”.
I was shocked by her reply and ran to the gate without thinking how my roommates will react to this stupid behavior. When he saw me, he widened his eyes with a surprise and I went near him.

“Why are you standing here?”

“I came here to meet my girlfriend”.

“I am not your girlfriend”.

“Did I mention that you are my girlfriend? I just said my girlfriend, why did you react for that?” .

“oh sorry , bye I am leaving”.

“Hey baby, please don’t go, I know that you love me”

“Oh, How do you know? Did I say ” I love you” to you?”.

“Yes I think people who loves a person can only say “I hate you” to their loved ones, You said that hating me which tells that you are loving me indirectly”. I was speechless that he read my heart. He said, “ok I don’t want to disturb you, when you feel it, accept your love on me, Give me a call.”

Ajay left the hostel without waiting for her reply and rushed his car in racing speed. He was worried about his proposal to her. He was planned not to propose her but he was unable to his emotions and expressed his love. He drove to the beach and was watching the waves by sitting inside the car.

The waves are so fresh, never felt tired about its work, every minute it handshakes the land and returns to sea. Time has passed, he didn’t feel hungry, he was looking at his mobile expecting a call.

“Beep, Beep, Beep”, a message has arrived to his mobile and it was from……. To be continued….


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