Little Steps

I was wondering , how I can achieve my desires to make it happen real. It cannot be done as if in Tamil movies, like becoming  rich in a single song. These are the answers for my search, I hope it will help you too. Achieving the goals  needs a preparation which should be started purely on your own involvement. Being a (un)successful 🙂 Software engineer I am looking this as a process which has the following phases.

  • Make the picture clear – Requirement phase
  • Pick the stops wanna cross – Design phase
  • Never skip a to next level until you finish -Development phase
  • Make sure everything works fine – Testing Phase

Make the picture clear  

Taking decision about the things we want to do , either it may be the long term or short term is the important little step to a giant leap. We want to be confident of things what we need really in our life.

  • List out all your wish, desires and goals
  • Classify them as short term/long term

After listing them in a order based on its importance/your interest, ensure that all of them are the things you really want to do and it was not pushed by anyone on you.

Pick the stops wanna cross

Where there’s a will there’s a way

Grab a single from the list and scrutinize the steps need to be done to accomplish it. If blogging is my passion, then steps to accomplish it will be,

  • Creating  a blog
  • Making posts consistently
  • Visiting other blogs
  • Sharing useful, unique info to increase the traffic

Never skip  to next level until you finish

No pain no gain

Everything cannot be successful at the first step itself, we need to be patient to achieve it. Just keep trying and never switch over to other process/work until you finish what you have decided.

Make sure everything works fine

If a failure comes/your process seems to be a , just analyze the reasons why it occurred. If the blog has few visits, then it maybe the reason, we have not written topics what people searching for to read/content is not healthy. So raise the question, there must be the answer for sure.

If not now then when, If not us then who

I am gonna start this….wait, I can hear some scribbling sound ….

It is  of listing your wishes…. Sounds great , All the best for your start…

Better late than Never



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