Hi Friends

After a bit big gap of my last post , I just want to accept that things were not alike as such I thought. It seems different. The pain we feel when we have none  to recognize us or unable to express what have you got or your talent unappreciated is wordless. It is common for all of the beginners in blogging is to not having any readers of their posts, even though having many followers. We Google it , how to be a good writer/blogger…bla,bla bla,. Nothing works fine. But now I have decided to end this post with a question.

Friends ,  Followers help me in making posts visible /readable by you?

Comment your suggestions and thanks in advance for your kind visit.



3 thoughts on “Hi Friends

  1. Hello 🙂 My best advice is to blog about something that You like; whether it is writing or photos. And to post regularly. It doesn’t have to be every day. Choose what you can manage – maybe once a week, once a fortnight, and stick to that. Visit other blogs that appeal to you. Like and comment on their posts. Gradually you will build up a following. It can seem overwhelming to start out and get no response, but we have All been there. And most of all, Enjoy yourself!
    Good Luck 🙂


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