Kitchen:My Nightmare 🛁 becomes My Favourite


I have never imagined that this could happen. Every girl’s nightmare before and after her marriage is kitchen. The place we only often visit for food in mother’s home. We never sit for any preparation and will be present  only at the time of lunch.😁

But after marriage, this not the case. Whatever it may be, you have to cook atleast to fill your stomach with something. You cannot make excuses as you did to your mom, “Sure I will cook another day”.😂

Like this, my story started. I have no idea of cooking. I prepared notes from My mom. The tough task faced by me, while cooking is deciding menus for the week.😟😟😟

There should not be repetitive items, while identifying breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. Oh my god😱😱😱😱😱.

At that time , I will think that I should have not chosen the option of marriage in my life.😩😩😩😩😵😵😵

But now, I love my kitchen. I would like to try simple but different dishes through net surfing. Below are some of my besteess.

Paneer gravy
Kara kuzhambu(tamarind gravy)
sambar Idly
Mini Samosa(a kind of south Indian snacks)
Bohli (sweet)

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