Maya Amma is our favorite story teller in our childhood days. After finishing the dinner, everyone in the house will be assembled near her bed. There is no age difference in the audience of her stories. Even my grandfather will also be sitting with us to listen grandma’s story. Her portrayal of stories will make us to imagine the scenario as film in our mind.

The Territories of her stories include human morality, sacrifice, intelligence, bravery,patience, love etc. Every story will end with a lesson. Sometimes it will highlight the old proverbs or sayings.Sometimes it validated the reason for our traditional practices.However it will not be similar to the previous day story.

Every night our dreams will be based on her stories. We consider ourselves as hero and will fight for justice and prevent the evil from good. By that way we learned morality, kindness to neighbors, love on animals etc. Those happy days are fortune’s of our life . 


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